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Latest Release Notes
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August 2015


  • • Further under-the-bonnet changes and minor bug fixes.



July 2015


  • • Under-the-bonnet changes for future enhancements.
  • • Additional integration options added for customers wishing to use U-Clock with their own back-end systems.
  • • System remembers the "auto-refresh" option on users screen for duration of login.
  • • Excel export facility added to Sites and Users screens.



July 2015


Minor bug fixes



May 2015


Minor bug fixes



April 2015


Auto Clock-Out


  • • The system can now automatically clock out users who have been clocked in for too long; for example, those who have neglected to clock out. The intention of this feature is so that users who neglect to clock out can clock in as normal the next day/next shift (normally, users who try to clock-in whilst already clocked in receive a response stating they cannot clock-in and that they’ll need to clock-out first).
  • • To set this feature up, Login and click on “Company Settings” at the top of the page.
  • • Scroll down to the “Company Options” section and set the "Automatically clock users out after" setting as required.
  • • When a user is automatically clocked out, they are sent a text message informing them and told that their hours will not have been recorded correctly.
  • • Note: Due to the fact the system has no means of guessing their actual hours, the automatically generated clock-out is created immediately (1 minute) after their clock-in time. As a result, it will appear they have worked just 1 minute.
  • • Clock In/Out types are now shown on both the “User Timesheet Summary” and “Scheduled and Actual Time Report”. This shows whether the clock event was “Verified” (meaning the user used a U-Clock device), “Manual” (meaning somebody used the admin system to manually create the clock event) or “Auto” (shown when the system automatically clocks them out).
  • • An admin user will therefore need to consult with the person and modify the timesheet report to show their actual hours, or create a manual clock-in and clock-out event for the day to record their actual hours.



March 2015


Incoming SMS Changes


  • • Messages sent to the incoming number, 07537 401801, no longer require the 'UC' characters prefixing. This simplifies clocking in/out, especially with the new 12 digit device where a user now just texts the numbers on the device (no need for anything pre-fixed or post-fixed).
  • • System enforces a minimum of 2 minutes between clock events for data integrity.



February 2015


New "Company Settings Screen"


  • • Ability to keep your primary company contact details up to date.
  • • Ability to set whether or not your users/employees receive SMS confirmation messages when clocking in/out.
  • • Ability to upload custom Excel report spreadsheets for use by the “Scheduled and Actual Time” report.



Timesheet Report


  • • Ability to omit rows with zero Total Hours.



August 2014


A new 12 digit U-Clock device is now available. The benefits include: -


  • • Greatly simplified clock in/out process. Users press “In” or “Out” and simply text the number on screen. There is no need to prefix or postfix numbers for site-code or clock status as with the 8 digit box.
  • • Remotely monitor device’s status e.g. battery etc…
  • • Improved algorithm with checksums to detect mistypes.



A powerful alerts/reminder system to send SMS and E-mail alerts when a deviation from a user’s schedule is detected. Current alerts include: -

  • • Late arrival
  • • Early Finish
  • • Clock-In Reminder
  • • Clock-Out Reminder
  • • Late Finish / Neglected Clock-Out



Users of the admin system can mark a user as “sick” on their schedule. Doing so will mean late arrival alerts will not be fired and their work-status will also be shown on the “Scheduled and Actual Time Report”.


Users can text in as sick using the “Sick” keyword. This will automatically update current/upcoming scheduled shifts.


Many other minor tweaks and performance improvements.




Previous Releases


A new Excel report showing scheduled and actual time is now available in the reports section.


This report clearly indicates deviation of employee schedules, such as when staff clock in late or leave early. Auto-filters on the report let you filter by any of the columns: for example by employee, by user group, by site etc...


Popup windows can now be dragged and dropped so you can see what’s behind them.


Weekly Timesheet Report:
No longer restricted to running reports from Sunday – Saturday. You can now begin the report on any day of your choice.


New Keyword Notification System:
We’ve made it easier to select recipients and added an SMS option. To setup a keyword: -


  • Login and go to the Keywords menu
  • Click New Keyword
  • Enter the word you’d like as a keyword, for example: Status
  • Select recipients for this keyword via the Notify User Groups, Notify Users and Notify Other Users tabs
  • This means your users can now send a text such as UC Status Job almost complete
  • The message, “Job almost complete” will be received by all selected recipients


Improved detection of incorrect clock in/out messages: We detect far more incorrectly formatted clock in/out messages and let the user know what they’ve done wrong


Numerous other cosmetic tweaks and general improvements